Silver Grey Iridescent Irregular Freshwater Pearl Drop Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Absolutely stunning, don’t you think? This is just one of those necklaces that needs no introduction and no reason to add it to your collection other than that it is simply stunning and goes with soooo many outfits! Perfect for wearing all Summer long, to weddings, for Bride’s and Bridesmaid’s, special gifts… the list goes on! This stunning necklace features two delightful irregular shaped iridescent grey/silver fresh water pearls which has then been threaded through our most popular open link chain in sterling silver. Once you have picked your ideal chain length we will make and package your order inside one of our beautiful gift boxes. If you look closely you will be able to see an iridescent rainbow shimmer to these pearls too! Although pearls come from the sea, they don’t like getting wet so please do keep them away from swimming pools, showers, lotions and potions. Also available as stunning drop earrings.


The most stunning pearls in all the land! (in our opinion anyway!) These irregular shaped fresh water pearls are sometimes referred to as peanut pearls as they look a bit like them! No two are the same as these are natural pearls but we have chosen two to compliment each other for each necklace.


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