The Heart of Racing ‘Framed’ Blue Carbon Fibre Necklace in Sterling Silver – From F1 Racing Car


Feast your eyes on our latest masterpiece featuring the DNA of a real Formula 1 racing car! It doesn’t take a scientist to work out which car this is from! Using pieces from a real car which has been used to race, we have engineered them into sterling silver wearable masterpieces, upcycling an otherwise redundant formula one car and giving it a new lease of life! This piece of carbon has been set into a sterling silver heart surround and suspends from a robust rope chain in sterling silver in your ideal length. No two will ever be the same and we have used sections of the car which are available to us (and possible to set into silver!) This incredible masterpiece is part of our popular collaboration with our talented partners at Racing Gold. Racing gold have previously created a collection of amazing memorabilia including clocks and salt and pepper pots from components previously used by Red Bull in their racing cars and the same carbon fibre has been used to fashion our incredible carbon fibre ‘framed’ jewellery collection! Proudly presenting our amazing new collection, which really pushes the boundaries on what jewellery can be!” – Alyssa Smith

Your new necklace will come with a carbon collector card, beautifully packaged.


This incredible framed blue carbon fibre pendant measures around 1.8cm in size and the sterling silver surround perfectly encapsulates the blue carbon fibre, which has been taken directly from an old formula one racing car, and set into these one off pieces! The carbon colour really shows on this piece, and we couldn’t be prouder of this stunning new collection of sterling silver jewellery. Each pendant has been threaded onto our sterling silver rope chain, and you can pick your ideal chain length for your special new piece. Each piece is finished on equipment installed in 1961 which was also used to create components for droids & suits for the original Star Wars movies- fun fact! This wonderful necklace will be delivered in a branded luxurious box with a special certificate. To find out more about the origin of this carbon fibre, visit


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